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Important Messages
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Start logging June 3. Last day to log will be July 20.
First reading prizes will be awarded June 10.
Last day to pick up prizes will be July 25.
***Supplies limited; substitutions may be made.***

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Thank you for participating in all of our activities this summer! Keep reading to reach your summer goals!

Each individual may register for the program one time per summer. The recommended age range for Babies and Toddlers is 4 and under.
Baby and Toddler participants engage in selected activities with caregivers to earn prizes. You will receive a reading activity log with many ideas to share with your child. For every 6 activities completed, your child earns a prize for a total of 5 prizes. Activities include reading together, using Tumblebook online, listening to a library book kit together and so on. Click on the "Reading Activities" link for more ideas.

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